Updating linksys befw1154 firmware Live sexy webcam hong kong

I have a couple questions before I sally forth: One, will this firmware downgrade work for my particular router (BEFW11S4)?Two, if I go the route of changing the streaming media .Sometimes, I have to turn everything off for an hour or whatever. Once you know the modem is good and the pc is good, then and only then put the linksys router back into the picture. Once the lappy is booted up into XP check the wireless connection.And not only do I lose wireless access for my laptop, but I can't even connect my tower to the Internet without all that random rigmarole. Which is where I will stop because you didn't state what type of wireless card you have for the lappy or if it was built into the machine itself.I've left it on for now just to try to narrow down variables.* Changed security back to WEP (which was the only thing the previous firmware allowed), because the new firmware reset it to WPA without asking, and I wasn't sure how to make sure my notebook could access the network through it. I have not reset the Linksys completely because I know the rigmarole it takes to set everything up again.BTW, I seem to have the problem independent of trying to play streaming media (though that did seem to be one cause). If you have no problems, then turn the wireless on the router (and turn on wep).The connection just goes out for no apparent reason, and bringing it up takes several reboots and resets of both router and modem before I can even get connected. Take the linksys router completely out of the picture and have just your dsl modem and 1 wired computer hooked up. If it disconnects you know something is up either with the connection itself, the modem, or the pc. Wep won't shouldn't affect your distance in any way. With the wireless turned on boot up the wireless connection (while the wired computer is turned off, no need for it to be on right now).

However, I also keep losing Internet access on the tower PC as well.Unplugging the power on the router, then plugging it back in, seems to bring it back up without having to reboot the PCs. Question one: Will those changed media player settings limit what I can do with them, or with programs such as Skype? What really put a mix into it was the lappy getting an upgrade to XP. Oh yeah, keep in mind that wireless is line of sight for the most part.Question two: Could VPN software on my notebook be causing any problems? One dumb question, though: How do I deal with the file I've downloaded? While booting up my notebook near the base PC and router, I got this dialog box while on the Linksys Setup page:"The system has detected a conflict for IP address with the system having hardware address :4B:1D: CDoes this imply a particular setting to change, perhaps on the notebook? (I have not yet updated the firmware, since I'm still trying to figure out if I should do that from within my Linksys router setup pages.)wow. If it wasn't done correctly or they screwed it up during the process they could have borked settings that did work, but now do not. And anything from cell phones to microwaves can interferer with the connection as it travels through the air. Never quite sure which steps to start with, so this helps a lot. OK, just to fill in the blanks: I do have SSID turned off, and have WEP on (as I did before).Just found these settings to change in RP: Under "Network Transports" in the Preferences section click "manually configure connection settings" and uncheck all but the last two options on both RTSP and PNA.If you want to just downgrade firmware it is here»Cher45: Thanks so much for the tips.

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Not sure if that's because I'm using a wireless router or not.

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